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I was born the son of a poor Iceland tribesmen in New Guinea.

Oh wait that was the other me! Try this one.

July 4th 1955 in Bellefontaine Neighbors North ST. Louis County was the place I started out in this life.

Always in trouble just like most young men, my first electric guitar was taken from me when I was caught smoking, I was 12 or 13 years old. I never got that one back. All the rest of my troubles (before and after) I will not mention here. It would be another 10 years before I acquired another Guitar, a 60s era Aria-SG (an excellent copy of the Gibson SG), that one I still have and play to this day.


  I Goofed around with the guitar off and on until 2005, when my wife (Rhonda) and I moved to Apache Oklahoma where we met Rob Swanda (the lead guitar player for The Grissle Heads). I took a few guitar lessons from him and I’ve been deep in the whole world of creating, playing, recording, processing and selling my own creations. To this date March 28, 2009 I have made 2 CDs (A Cuppa Coulors) and (A Peace of the Valley) and another on the way soon. I like to try and present a story or an image in my music, with or with out words. I feel music should make you listen to it, and take you with it.


  I have been advised by many people that I should be doing movie scores and that is the direction in wich I would like go with my career. I’ve been atop the internet newage music charts at several internet radio stations. 

  My first endeavor was for the most part easy mellow but creative music, and the second is more synthesized (I’d say) visual mood music, and was made because of several requests.

So far I have done everything including cover art and packaging (the entire bouncing ball of processed wax).

My biggest musical influences besides my wife -Rhonda and Rob(guitarman)Swanda are; Pink Floyd, Led Zeplin, Moody Blues, Hawkwind, Cream, BTO, Free, well you get the idea. All this,  and my love of the outdoors and nature it’s self are responsible for shaping my brain waves and creative outputs.



Thanks to all and especially Rhonda

Kerry Donahue

Email kerry69@gmail.com

was the place I started out in this life.

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